Academic Evaluation:

  1. Marks of class tests and unit tests will be noted down in the school diary by the students. The answer sheets of tests will be shown to the students regularly. Parents or Guardians should sign them regularly and follow the progress of the child.
  2. Promotion is decided at the Teachers' meeting based on the student's overall performance; and cannot be reconsidered.
  3. For students who are absent from the Tests and Examinations, no provision is made for Supplementary Tests.
  4. For failed candidates there is no arrangement for Re-Examination or Promotion on Trial.
  5. If a student remains absent for any Examination without proper intimation from the parents in advance, a heavy penalty will be levied. It is obligatory for the parents to meet the Headmaster and inform the reason for the absence.
  6. Any student found resorting to unfair means in an Examination will be given a Zero in the subject and
  7. will not be allowed to write the rest of the papers in that Examination. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal. Any student who is found tampering with marks in the answer sheet and other school certificates will be asked to leave the School.
  8. Parents are requested never to send their children for an examination when they are ill or recovering from an illness. Once a student enters the school campus on exam day in spite of illness will stay back till the end of school.
  9. Parents/Guardians should attend the Parent-Teachers meeting conducted from time to time. All suggestions, difficulties faced by students and parents due to teachers' negligence in duty must be stated to the class teacher who promptly takes down in the complaint book and takes necessary action in due course of time.