1. A program of Value Education for all students forms a most important element of the curriculum.
  2. Students are prepared for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination which is held at the end of class-X.
  3. In the Primary School emphasis is o the acquiring of skills and providing experiences and activities that lead the child to respond to wonderful world in which she/he lives. The child's progress is assessed by the teacher's evaluation of regular work. Promotion is normally automatic and a child will only be detained if it is felt that s/he will benefit by repeating the class. In
  4. the middle and Senior School the student's progress is assessed through routine work, assignments and tests. Promotion to higher class will depend on his / her performance in all these various assessments and does not depend on result of final examination.
  5. Provision is made for games, picnics and cultural activities. When such activities are arranged all students are to take part as participation is deemed compulsory by the school authorities.
  6. In order to encourage regular learning the school shall hold half year and final examination covering the whole years teaching. There will be regular class tests after the end of every chapter in each subject and surprise tests to assess the teaching learning process in the school. The marks earned in class tests and surprise tests will be added up to prepare the report card.
  7. To instill love for nature and to counter the problem of global warming the students are taught to conserve, protect and nurture the nature through a project named' Taru Mitra', where a student becomes the friend of a tree of a plant. Regular evaluation and assessment till the student remains in our school becomes part of project activity.